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The Secret of NIMH - The Great Owl

(Paulsrage) #1

Greetings to all!

I'll try to recreate a scene from "The Secret of NIMH". I think some of you may remember this movie from your childhood, especially the nightmarish scene where Mrs. Brisby (or Frisby if you prefer the name from the book) meets The Great Owl :slight_smile: That's exactly the one I chose to create for the AMD VR contest. I'll probably go with a static scene, it's already a lot of work :slight_smile: I think it's a good opportunity to show you the difference in scale between the animals and let you feel like a brave little mouse.


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This would be a fun scene to play around with the perspective-- have fun!

(Paulsrage) #3

Thank you very much for Sketchfab PRO :slight_smile:

Here's a small update, rough sketch of the scene.

(Paulsrage) #4

here is a rough mocup of a scene, some terrain elements are modeled and ready for textures, characters are obviously not :slight_smile: Is starts to look interesting in VR (tested with Carboard).

Please, tell me what you think. Thanks!

Update: Of course now it's finished version :slight_smile:

(Paulsrage) #5

I've updated scene, I hope you'll like it :slight_smile:

(Freemouse) #6

That's really cool, love the textures ! great job so far

(Paulsrage) #7

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Scene has been updated, almost finished.
I need to refine some textures, add cobwebs and some bones, then some tweaks :slight_smile:

(Kyan0s) #8

Awesome work ! It's beautiful ! :astonished:

(Paulsrage) #9

Thank you :slight_smile:

Last update before final. I've added some elements (cobweb, rocks, bones), also added some post processing filters. I still want to add some details to few textures.

Please, let me know what you do think :slight_smile:

(Alex) #10

It looks super dark, both in lit and shadeless. What I do see looks awesome tho!

Also can you make it default shadeless? I'm guessing that's what you are using anyway.

(Paulsrage) #11

Thanks! I'll try to make it a little bit brighter. Although, original scene was also pretty dark.

About shadeless: I put one light for bones and rocks and main ground part, but I'll think about it :slight_smile:

(Alex) #12

That's weird, I opened it again just now and it looks fine o0

I think there was something wrong on my end last night

(Paulsrage) #13

That's a relief, I got scared there for a moment, there not too much time.

(Paulsrage) #14

My entry is finally done. I've updated scene some time ago, enjoy and tell me what you think, thanks :slight_smile:

(Alex) #15

This is my favorite entry, I wish I could hand paint like this!

Don't really have anything to critique, maybe the beak could use more detail/color? It's the only thing that pops out as a 3d model rather than a painting. Awesome scene.

(Paulsrage) #16

Thank again :slight_smile: Honestly I'm not sure if I could much about his beak at this point :wink:

(Marchermitte) #17

Wow! Excellent!!
So many stunning entries in this contest...

(Paulsrage) #18

Thanks :blush: Yes, there are some great entries both in static and animated categories :slight_smile: