The Sketchfab Postcard Thread

I thought to create this thread specifically for people to share a photo any time they might get official Sketchfab Postcards sent to them.
There is no obligation to include yourself or a location in the photo, but you can if you wish, it would be nice to see various scenes from around the world featuring a sketchfab post card!
Also be aware to block out/erase any personal information such as name or address printed on the postcard.

I will get the ball rolling by posting a few photos of the post cards I have received a little later when I get back from work.


These two are the last ones I got
The first one there was a thing I did for sketchfabs 10th anniversary
The second one was for a 1000 followers milestone

Thanks again sketchfab for these postcards, and a few others I got in the past too!


It was a nice surprise getting these in the mail!

The first one was a print from one of my 3December prompts (word of the day was Bus):

and I also got a Season’s Greetings card shortly before that:

Both really nice keepsakes that I appreciate a lot. It’d be cool to see other people’s postcards too; I hope this thread takes off! :incoming_envelope:


I have a small stack of Sketchfab postcards - mostly Xmas ones (when the postman doesn’t lose them…). But I do have one featuring a piece of my work

Always a cool feeling seeing your digital art migrate into something physical! :grinning:


Great idea for a thread!

Here’s my collection of cards. They’re mostly for staff picks but there are also a few top tens and one thank you card for doing an Art Spotlight article. I only have two of the Christmas cards because the others were destroyed by the postman who decided to fold them in half 8 times :frowning:

I have some staff picks and Art Spotlights which I don’t have cards for because they’re from back before the postcards became more of a regular thing, but it’s probably too cheeky to ask for those retrospectively to complete the set :wink: :grinning:

The cards are a really nice touch, I love getting them! :slight_smile:


Woah that’s a LOT of cards! :sweat_smile: Congratulations!

framed two of my postcards :smiley: When i move to my new appartment i will frame the rest and send another photo! love these postcards <3


Cool postcards folks,

I had been thinking of getting one of two framed too

I made a really bad mistake of putting my first couple of postcards through a laminator, bad idea :smiley:

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My recent postcard found a prominent place. Such a great motivation. Thanks Sketchfab team.


These look so cool framed! :heart_eyes:

nice! love your setup and that pc case too!

Sometimess the team get postcards too :slight_smile:

Edit: found a couple more :slight_smile:


I received a really nice postcard today! :cat:


cool postcards @nebulousflynn and @Alekzi :smiley:

I need to find a good place for this. It was so lovely to receive in the post! I get a little boost every time I see it :relaxed: thanks so much to everyone at Sketchfab and to the awesome community here for being so welcoming and encouraging!


very cool! love it thanks for sharing!

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I forgot about the first one there, which was the very last one I got a few weeks ago.
the one on the right is one I got earlier in the year or last year perhaps, and the bottom one was another one, either early this year or last year.

The one of the right and the bottom one are the ones i laminated, as you can see the bottom one has patches of air in it, the other one has too but its very noticeable on dark colors, so yea never laminate your postcards! hehe


Some new cards arrived in the post today to add to my collection. Thanks @bartv for the 5 I’d originally missed out on :smiley:


nice collection there se7en23 :blue_heart: thanks for sharing them!