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(Draeskai) #1

Well I saw some relaly nice ideas for this contest, and it’s the first to which I’m participating.
I hope I’ll make it in time!

So here are some screenshots, modeling and uv mapping are done, texturing in progress…

I’m trying to bake lightmaps for this scene, and it’s quite a challenge!
If you too are planning to use it, I noticed it seems better to use really strong lights, as it becomes really discreet in the viewer, especially if the lights are not set to a really low intensity.
If anyone has some tips about it, I’m really interested!
Feedbacks are welcome too =)

(Draeskai) #2

Here is the scene textured!

It’s mainly inspired by Pandaria from World of Warcraft, and Iroh’s Jasmine Dragon Teashop from Avatar =)

(Sawcisson) #3

Very cool , how did you animated the falling water ? UV animation ?

(Draeskai) #4

Thank you!
I wasn’t sure if uv animation would work on the hubs, so I instead choose to animate the meshes directly (there are 4 different meshes for the water with translate and rotate animations).

(Yuu7) #5

Whoaaa <3 <3 <3 that looks very cozy and soothing makes me want to live there :heart_eyes:

(Sawcisson) #6

I was thinking in using UV animation in my entry but wasn’t sure if it will work so haven’t done it .
Was wondering if you did it ^^

(Draeskai) #7

Yeah, I wasn’t sure either for the uv animation ^^'
That’s why the water is a roating plane, and the waterfall is a rotating cylinder perimeter, hidden in the dragon =)

(Draeskai) #8

Thank you !! :smiley:

(Draeskai) #9

And now the tagged assets!

(Draeskai) #10

(Draeskai) #11

(Draeskai) #12

(Draeskai) #13

(Draeskai) #14

(Draeskai) #15

(this one is animated)

(Draeskai) #16

And so here is my participation to the contest ^^
It’s been really fun, even if I couldn’t begin from the very beginning, but it made me take interesting choices to go faster, and I learned a lot about lightmap baking!

(Draeskai) #17

Edit: I’ll also add the empty room and other props, so that It’ll be easier and more interesting to compose scenes in mozilla hubs!

(Draeskai) #18

(Draeskai) #20

(Draeskai) #21