The Unreal Engine 4

(Edenlake) #1

Just a little reminder in case you didn't noticed it.The Unreal Engine 4, which is developed by Epic Games, is now free to download.There are many many talented artists here so get some people who can Model/Texture/Code/Design and develop a game!
Would love to see a game from such talented persons smile .


(Bart) #2

Same for Unity. They're both only free until a certain limit though:

  • Unreal: once your gross revenue is more than $3000 per quarter, you pay 5% royalty.
  • Unity: it's only the 'Personal' version that's free. Once your studio's annual gross revenue passes $100,000, everyone in the studio needs to switch to the Pro version ($75/month).

Are you a game developer?

(Forty2) #3

Yes, I like your overview Bart. And to add:

"Royalty based = not free smile "

If you want to earn a decent living then your revenue should be at least greater then 3000 dollars a quarter smile (at least when you live in a Western Country)

(Edenlake) #4

@bartv Sadly,No.I would love to develop a game (If I could it would probably be a Arena Shooter) but since I'm finishing school this year I have to write a quiet big amount of exams and learn a lot. But the Unreal Engine is quiet easy to use though. And as far as I know, it has way more possibilities than the Unity Engine.

@forty2 That's right, in europe you can not really live with 3000 a quarter.But if you are for example a student and earn like 10€/$ a day with a little game that's a nice start in the Game-Developer Scene.
If you are interested, have a look at these videos.The guy explains it pretty well and there are videos for everything what the Engine contains.


(Shaderbytes) #5

Unity does not have to be $75/month after the 100k mark.. it just means you need the pro version, which you can do via subscription as you mentioned or simply purchase a licence at $1500 once off. The HUGE difference is that Unity personal edition and Unity Pro both have NO ROYALTIES whatsoever :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #6

That's just your opinion , why dont you make a list of the "way more possibilities" to show us what you know? After that I could make a list of all the ways its not better than Unity.. wink

(Forty2) #7

I feel a battle between shaderbytes and edenlake coming up. Bring it on! whoop whoop smiley

(Shaderbytes) #8

haha forty2 I just pictured one of those school fight scenes you see in the movies where the crowd surrounds the two guys getting in each others face and start chanting "fight fight fight fight.." LOL

I all for debating things so long as it remains civilized hehe

(Edenlake) #9

These are just the things I heard.This Thread isn't supposed to be a Discussion-Thread so please,no debating ^^.This is supposed to be a reminder or even some motivation to develop a game.I think you might understand that ^^.


(Rcg) #10

Hi All,

No pun intended. I am using myself Unity and was interested in the outcome of a discussion!



(Bart) #11

There's nothing wrong with people having a discusion here, is there?