The Warlock's Ritual

(Emiel Boven) #1

Hi everybody!

My entry for the contest is going to be a tomb in the Broken Isles that is being used by a warlock of the Burning Legion as a workplace. Here this warlock tries to perform a ritual to absorb the ancient arcane energy residing in this place.

I made a quick blockout of the tomb:

I'm excited to take part in this contest and hope to learn a lot about environment modeling and texturing since I am just starting out as a 3d artist.

I'd love to get some good critique so don't be shy to give me some feedback!

(Liemnguyenart) #2

nice start with the blockout, Since its a diorama project you can possibly play with the whole layout as a silhouette atm it feels like a box within a box. A good example of breaking up the room was the one posted as the example for this project. They have the whole stage be unique as well as the little elements within. Big to small. Overall i like the medium elements look very interestingly laid out, but maybe the bottom floor can flair out more ect.

(Emiel Boven) #3

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to break it up a bit more :slight_smile:

(Michael Calvert) #4

Nice mock up, looking forward to the final product.

(Emiel Boven) #5

Worked a little bit more on my mock up using the feedback I got :slight_smile: Thoughts?

(Emiel Boven) #6

Defined the base parts of the tomb more today.

I created a tiling texture for the floor but I'm not really happy about it yet. I have the feeling that the stone edges should have thinner shadows so it looks more like a pattern of tiles than a pattern of stone bricks.

(Emiel Boven) #7

Getting everything a rough texture first. Will polish them later :slight_smile:

(Chaitanyak) #8

wow great start!!


Great progress! Love how this is unfolding

(Emiel Boven) #10

Started working on some simple props :slight_smile:

(Admrodrigotm) #11

Awesome textures!

(Liemnguyenart) #12

great progress!!! loving the texture work

(Bart) #13

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.