Theatre Clubhouse

(Daedal Js) #1

i’m gonna be making a theatre style club house.
somewhat inspired by the globe theatre in london.


maybe also a bit of the muppet’s theatre.

maybe a bit of some other stuff

(Daedal Js) #2

blocking out the form and the main room of the clubhouse is starting to take shape a bit.
still looks ugly but whatever, gotta start somewhere.
a little over 1k triangles so far.
the block on stage is 1.6m tall.

(Stefan Lengyel) #3

It looks amazing. Like it.

(Daedal Js) #4

a little more progress. ramps up to the higher floors put in. some smaller stage entrances… i may take out the bottom center one and just have 4 stage entrances total.
going to have props people can place in front of those to better hide them if they feel like they need it that i plan to make look like stage dressing.

those three elevated bits behind the stage i plan to have props people can use to decorate around them with… so you know people can set up and act out things like that one scene from romeo and juliet. “hark what light through yonder window breaks” and all that stuff.

unfortunately i won’t be able to work much on it today because i’ve gotta go paint the inside of a building.

here’s a shot with and without backface culling.

(Benji Todd Artist) #5

Nice, look forward to seeing it finished!

(Daedal Js) #6


thank ya. i hope i can finish it in time for the contest. it seems to be coming along well enough right now but i did start up on the weekend so work’ll slow things down a bit… especially if i end up working on the weekends like today.

i’ll finish it up regardless but deadlines make for good motivation to work on it.

(Daedal Js) #7

a little more done.

shot from the stage left. i did take out the middle back stage entrance.

shot from the blocked in catwalk.
going to end up replacing the block in with something less bluky and hopefully with a bit better visibility of the stage.
it’ll probably still feel like there’s not much visibility though.

backstage paths to the varoius stage entrances.
there’s not actually a ramp up to the second floor stage entrances yet.

backstage looking into the storage room underneath it all.
you can actually access it by going down the “stair” ramps as well.

a birds eye view. only part of the roof is there so far. i plan on making that part on the back a covered patio.

a shot of the stage from the second floor seating area.
i plan for the stage wall to be fairly dark which i think should help blend the various stage entrances in rather than standing out so much from their shadows.

lots left to do but i’m still under 2K triangles so far so there’s still plenty of room to tweak things.

(Daedal Js) #8

hmm… not sure what happened here but something has gone wrong with my file this morning.
all i did was open the save made right after that last image and it’s freaking out when i move the viewport.
the normals are looking all kinds of messed up.

it’s all screwed up. gonna try importing stuff to a new blend.

(Daedal Js) #9

appending the meshes into a new blend file worked.
not sure what the heck happened there but i don’t have to start over so hooray for that.

(Daedal Js) #10

a bit more work done.

here’s a few props some of which have been slightly edited to fit less specifically with the theatre building.

(Daedal Js) #11

a little bit more work done.

(Daedal Js) #12

back again with a little more work done.
latest view from the stage.

lobby 1st and 2nd floor

(Daedal Js) #13

back again with another small update… i feel like i’m posting these updates too much.

updated view from the catwalk.

i finally passed 10k polygons today and for the most part i’ve finished up the modeling of the theatre house itself. little bit more to do here and there probably but i think i’m mostly done.

one thing i’m not sure of is the elevator shafts. (last two pics of my previous posts shows them) i was going to put in an animated busted elevator that only ever stops half way past where it was supposed to along with a closed gate and an out of order sign as sort of a nod to my original idea that i don’t think can be achieved with hubs right now but the ramps up front feel a little cramped so i’m wondering if i should take out the elevator shafts.

(Plasmaernst) #14

Wow, what a big room :star_struck:
How do you plan texturing the structures? I think those big surfaces would look good with some gradients.

(Daedal Js) #15

well, right now i’m mostly using tiled textures for ao, normal maps, and roughness while coloring things with vertex colors. the exception being the floor and columns which actually have a diffuse map on it.

gradients may be good and i could probably do that with vertex colors.
i was actually not very sure what to do with the lighting though but if i style it with gradients that may not be an issue.

i know they suggest baking lighting but i’d have to set up multiple UV maps for that or bake fairly large textures due to the scale of this thing and i’m not sure how hubs or sketchfab handles multiple UV layouts. right now it’s a small set of 512x512 tiling textures.

(Daedal Js) #16

a little more done. i did rework the ramps next to the entrance and remove the elevator shafts. no pics of that. started a bit of work on some stage props. i’ve got a long list of things i plan on making.
here’s a camp fire to start with.

it’s a little weird making these things with sketchfab and hubs in mind. the way i’d do certain things just in blender alone is a bit different.
like i probably wouldn’t have bothered with any sort of rigging in blender alone for the flames even though it’s very simple. my initial thought was to just set up the “fire” with displacement in the material and animate a 360 degree rotation for the displacement texture to try and mimic something like streamers flapping in the wind from a fan hidden in the base.

thinking about the sketchfab material setup i didn’t think that was possible so i went with something more like parts bobbing up and down.

(Daedal Js) #17

a few more props… got a lot of them left to make over the next few days.

first a bit of an update on the stage fire. tweaked the vertex colors a bit.

a simple table, chair, and bench.

they don’t look like much by themselves but they’re fairly low poly and they help fill some of the empty space and the storeroom.

(Daedal Js) #18

i’ve spent most of the past two days just tweaking vertex colors to add gradients and such. it really does add a lot to the overall feel even if it’s a subtle change. so many thanks to @plasmaernst for suggesting it.

here’s some updates on other stuff i’ve aready made.
left up the old long cheap seats and covered entryway for a bit of a comparison.

(Daedal Js) #19

here’s a preview of the whole room so far.
i’ll be updating this sketchfab file as i go along because hopefully that’ll keep me from having to redo all of the material settings again.

just over 16,300 triangles right now.

(Daedal Js) #20

here’s a taste of what a load of the stage dressing is going to be like.

i’m hand drawing a lot of it, scanning it in and coloring it on the comp.
sad to say i don’t have time to spend getting things exactly like i want them or they may look a little more painterly rather than printed but with the corrugated edges it works pretty well for them to look printed.
the more printed look actually works out better for having multiple copies of one prop anyway.