Theatre Clubhouse

(Daedal Js) #21

more stage dressing.

a look into the storage space that’s starting to look a bit like a storage space.

(Daedal Js) #22

updated the description for my theatre clubhouse.

"i picked a theatre clubhouse to make for the mozilla hubs contest for a few reasons.

first being that mozilla hubs in it’s current state actually lends itself well to a setting like this. it’s not out of the question that a group of friends could get together and actually put on a play here and record it to put up on youtube. it could also be just as easily used to practice comedy or something.

next is that since mozilla hubs allows users to put up videos this could also be used something as a virtual video theater to watch things with friends.

last is because it was something a little less locked down theme wise that allows for user growth.
hubs allows users to bring in downloadable content from sketchfab so the props and ideas people have to use in this setting aren’t limited to what i make but what they want to make.

a big stage that users can fill with stuff they made themselves always holds more possibilities than something with a more locked down theme.

i’d have picked an art room for myself but i felt a theatre fit the capabilities of hubs very nicely."


as a side note i really am more of an art nerd than a theatre nerd. i’ve helped with a few plays as far as making some stage dressing but never really wanted to be a part of a play. i was always happier in the art room at school lol.

i really like that people can bring in their own stuff to hubs. i had a lot of fun when i was younger making things with and for friends in this old MMO called Graal online. its a 16 bit zelda clone MMO but it ran well on crap hardware even for it’s time and it had a level editor with it’s own scripting API so you could create a lot of neat things.
aside from just environments we ended up making an rc car toy, some crazy weapons, spells/skills, non-standard puzzles where you used your mouse to do things (long before touchscreens were a thing on nintendo consoles), dungeons to fight though, and even clubhouses and stuff for our guild.

(Daedal Js) #23

a few more cutouts and a log.

i doubt i’ll finish the long list of prop ideas i have (over 50 things) but on the upside i’ve pretty easily passed the 5 prop requirement already. it’s just as well since these props are quickly running up my triangle count.

(Daedal Js) #24

a few more props. i think soon i’ll go back to tweaking some small things about the overall theatre for a bit of a change of pace. these cutouts look neat but dang if i don’t feel like i’m beating a dead horse by now. i may also stop adding these cutout props into the total clubhouse scene and just start submitting them sketchfab just to be used with hubs, the theatre or for whatever else people want.

i think i’ll keep working away on my large list of props even after the contest is over just because there’s some neat stuff on my list that i’m pretty sure i won’t make it to before the deadline.

(Daedal Js) #25

updated the room sketchfab submission.

added some annotations for an easier quick look around it.

(Daedal Js) #26

few more updates. a sun, moon, various curtains, and an update to the room with an animated skybubble with the sun and moon in it.
waiting for it to do it’s reupload thing.
so if the sun/moon/sky thing aren’t updated it’s because it’s still processing.

(Daedal Js) #27

a few more updates done.

(Daedal Js) #28

a few more prop updates and an empty theatre.

editing in a few small props here to keep the empty room and the final submission the last two linked sketchfabs.

(Daedal Js) #29

Just finished putting the last of what i can do before the deadline into the full room.
it’s uploaded and processing now.

(Daedal Js) #30

gotta say… i’m a little glad that’s over with… i don’t feel so rushed anymore.
i’ll probably be submitting more props for use with the theatre later just because i think the list of stuff i wrote out to make has some neat stuff on it. it was quite a long list though over 50 things so i knew i wouldn’t be getting to all of it before the end of the contest

(Plasmaernst) #31

Impressive amount of content :slight_smile:
dig the cardboard style :+1:

(Daedal Js) #32

=P i was pretty much doomed to work my butt off on a large number of props the second i chose a theatre as a clubhouse. luckily the cutouts are fairly easy to make and since they’re all hand drawn first i could actually work on stuff away from the comp.

thanks. i think the cutout props worked out pretty nicely. they should also be something that’s fairly easy for 3d newbies to make if they have an idea they’d like to use with this stuff but i haven’t made all the props for.