"There's always a bigger fish" Planet Core Annotated scene

(Kirill) #1

Hey there! I picked the journey through the planet core scene from Phantom Menace, because of the beautiful underwater world and tremendous creatures that inhabit it. Also, unlike everyone else, I like Jar Jar :smiley:
I am not a professional 3d modeler, actually I am quite new, so I will not race for photo realism. On contrary I have a minimalistic and stylised scene in mind.
Annotations are great to immerse the viewer into the scene and tell the story. Playing around with perspective and view angles, I want to achieve an illusion of continuity in the scene. Ideally, the viewer, following the annotations will feel like he is reading comic book :smile:
Atm I have a sketchy storyboard of the scene, but I would prefer to keep it secret until I get it all done, not to ruin the first impression :wink:
The plan for now is to model the submarine first (exterior and interior).

(Bart) #2

Thanks for joining! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.

(Kirill) #3

Soo, the submarine is ready! The colors might be changed in the final entry, but overall, I am pretty satisfied with the look of it. The only issue for me is that the chairs and the steering wheel in the interior blend together :frowning:

Star Wars Tribubble Bongo (WIP) by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

(Bart) #4

Blend together how? Is that a Sketchfab upload bug?

(Bart) #5

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Kirill) #6

No-no, what I meant is that all interior i the same color and in shadeless mode, you cannot see what is there.

(Bart) #7

Ah I see. But is that because of how you exported it, or is our viewer messing up your model?

(Kirill) #8

It is because of how I set the settings in the viewer, all the textures are set to 100% emmission and light map and there is no enviromental light.

(Kirill) #9

Aand Opee Sea Killer is done :smile:

Star Wars: Opee Sea Killer (WIP) by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

I am not really sure about it, so I will take a second look when I wake up in the morning :smiley:
Would appreciate feedback a lot! :blush:

(Bart) #10

Awesome model + shading :smile:

(Emmanuel De Bernard) #11

OMG... I love it... Its awesome... :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: ...

(Kirill) #12

Thanks a lot guys! :smile:

Today I decided to switch to Blender from Maya, which is a bit of a painful process :sweat_smile: Turns out that most of game studios use it, so I have to adjust to the industry.
I started making my lowpoly Jar Jar to put inside of the boat and since preview in Blender looks a bit different from Maya's I wanted to check out how it looks here.

Here's Jar Jar's head and unfinished ears. I wanted to keep it low poly, which it kinda is, but could be better :smiley: for example 8-12 faces would be enough for neck.

Star Wars Jar Jar (WIP) by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

(Kirill) #13

Okaay, so here is finished Jar Jar model! Character are way harder to make in this style :confused: Tried to keep it bellow 1000 tris, managed with 996 :smiley:

Star Wars Jar Jar unrigged (WIP) by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

Now, rigging and posing!

(Kirill) #14

Made the rig, fooling around with animations :smiley:


Really nice stuff so far! This is one of my favorite scenes :smile:

(Kirill) #16

Thank you James :smile: I really appreciate it!

(Kirill) #17

Making Qui Gon! Here's the head :relaxed:
I scrapped and started over a couple of times :smiley: It is really challenging to convey a character with lowpoly, especially with shadeless materials! Anyway, here's the head

quigon test by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

(Kirill) #18

Aaand here's the full body. I might play with shading on the boots a bit later on.

quigon fullbody test 5 by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

Obi Wan comin' up next! :smiley:

(Bart) #19

Haha awesome! I loved your little preview :smile:

(Kirill) #20

Obi wan says "Hi!" :smiley: (it might also be "stop" or "high-five", you decide :smiley: )

obi wan test by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab