Things Sketchfab should add

Hey, my names is Dan and i work for RODX we have been selling our models for a while and we realized that behind our logo on everyone’s profile picture there is a channel art but sadly we can’t edit it and put our own so please for any sketchfab team members try adding this feature.

As for the second feature we would love to hear for our buyers we want to know what they think of our models but every time someone buys a 3D model they never rate it which really make the seller think that its not the best model so if we could add a new feature where the buyer has to rate it out of 5 stars that would change a lot of things for us.

Thanks for your input! Giving users more control over their profile is on our roadmap, although I can’t give an ETA for you yet…

And I agree that seeing more ratings would be great. Of course there’s no way to actually force people to do it, but we might consider some incentives to persuade them to do it :slight_smile:

Not a problem all we want is to make sketchfab better looking than any other site mainly because so far it has been the only successful site to sell our models on which means we should always try to make it better.

Kind regards Rodx.

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