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(Kaadesign) #1

I don´t want to be cruel with the truth,- but the layout of the forum is one of the strangest things i´ve seen since last 25 years!
In Germoney we say: " No need, to invent a new wheel" ... Did You know what I mean?
It is just my two Cents... Take a standard BBoard with all the included functions... nothing else to do.

BTW.: You are working on new "features" at the viewer since April? Both my browsers ( Firefox / Chrome ) the background behind my parts is flickering!?
Nevertheless... Sketchfab is my favourite viewer.

Regards Alex

(Stephomi) #2


About the flickering background.
You have the problem on every models?
Can you provide us with a screenshot of ?


(Moroplogo) #4

I have the same problems with background on Firefox and
Chrome but not Opera (and not Chrome on smartphone ! ) even if all
browsers support WebGL 1 .
Maybe the problem exists ever since you have added the blur 0.

(Bart) #5

Hey @kaadesign,

that's because this software isn't 25 years old, like phpBB etc :wink: We reviewed many forum platforms and settled on Discourse. It's open source, well established and creates a much more dynamic community than some other platforms. Just give it a try, you might like it!


(Kaadesign) #6


flickering is since april 01-02 ?... the screenshot from Chrome latest version:

(Moroplogo) #7

I'm sorry , with Chrome and Opera it's good but not with Chromium and Firefox !
1°) Here the screenshot from Firefox latest version:

2°) Here the screenshot from Chromium :

3°) Here the screenshot from Chrome ( I have not problem of background with Chrome ) :

(Stephomi) #8

@moroplogo @kaadesign We release the background fix glitch stuffs.
Is it okay for you ?

(Moroplogo) #9

Oh yes ! Many thanks for your work ! It's very nice !

(Kaadesign) #10

Works again on Chrome & Firefox.

Thank You!