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This model has thin tubes that aren't rendered in Sketchfab

(Briligg) #1

The Blender file has four pipes that are quite slender compared to the whole, because it is a landscape showing a power installation. They aren't visible in Sketchfab. I thought maybe that was because they were curves so i switched them to meshes, but that hasn't helped. Other details that are smaller have rendered, specifically the valves on those pipes. What do i need to do to get them to render?

TESS-2 by briligg on Sketchfab

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @briligg,

Thanks for reporting this. You may have had some warnings about curves that have not been converted to meshes, that's why some elements are missing (we don't handle curves). The best way to do is what you did, converting curves to meshes. It fixes the issue and the element are then visibile.

Here is my test:

Blender has a specific context in which it's sometime hard to handle and convert everything by code (what our processing does) so we have some issues like that.

I will take the time to check what goes wrong with these curves and provide a fix if possible. In the mean time, converting all your curves to mesh should fix, if Blender actually does it without returning an error of a warning.

Could you give another try and tell me how it goes ?

Thanks and have a nice day!

(Briligg) #3

Hi waleguena, thanks for your help.

Edit: It seems the file was not being updated in the folder i thought it was, and an old file was being re-uploaded. All better now. Thanks.

I tried re-uploading, checking that everything is a mesh, not a curve, and it still didn't show the pipes for me. So i deleted the model and tried uploading it fresh. But still those pipes aren't there. I had missed one Nurbs curve before, but i fixed that. There definitely aren't any curves in the model now, but the problem persists.

Other changes i have made also don't show - i added a mesh and changed some shading to smooth. It seems the previous model is stuck in the system, even though i deleted it.

The model right now is a draft -