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This noob needs a bit of help


(Nomjomski) #1

Any idea as to why this kind of thing would happen after updating a separate model? This artifact will go away when I update the “3D settings”, but will come back after I click away and update the textures of another model. Also the artifact will never show up in the “3D Settings” view-port. What is going on???

How it looks when viewing from my page:

How it looks when in the “3D Settings” editor:
(Just imagine it looks fine here with those lines smoothed over, new users can only upload one image at a time) :c

I have turned my textures to the unlit mode to hide it, so I think it has something to do with the geometry/ surface shading.



Sorry about that. We had a bug in our normal map optimization. It’s fixed now so your model should be ok.