Thomas Kee Design - #3December Entries

(Thomas Kee Design) #1

Hi everyone,

Per the guidelines of the challenge, I am opening a thread for my entries.

Please feel free to critique and discuss. I am illustrator with a background in graphic design and am still new to 3D, so advice is always welcome.


(Thomas Kee Design) #2

Getting off to a rough start, but I will keep improving the more I work!

(Brian C Allen) #3

That’s not a bad start at all!
What software did you use?

(Thomas Kee Design) #4

Thanks, I used Blender

(Brian C Allen) #5

Ah, shoot. I’m not too familiar with Blender. But if I’m not mistaken, it looks like you sculpted your jacket right? Sculpting clothes is really tough, mainly because of the subtle wrinkles. If you’re up to doing more cloth based stuff Id look into cloth physics as it’s a great way to emulate cloth patterns without having to make them all by hand.

(Laurer1990) #6

Thats right. But cloth simulation is tricky as well.
If you have any Blender related questions thomas, feel free to ask ok :slight_smile:

nice coat sculpt, maybe need a little more detail but the shape is there
How long are you doing 3D already?

(Thomas Kee Design) #7

I have been playing around with 3D off and on for a few years but I haven’t gotten serious about learning it until earlier this year. I have used mostly Blender, though I briefly tried Mudbox and I used Cinema 4D for a 3D printing class.

(Thomas Kee Design) #8

I’m getting pretty behind on work, but I’m still working on these! Here is a render on the stove thus far. Working through some tutorials and experimenting in Blender when I have the time.