Thoughts on the Newsfeed


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Heyo - we talked a tiny bit about the newsfeed on the Masters chat last night with @bartv and this morning my Newsfeed got me thinking...

One thing for me is that I follow a lot of people and wonder sometimes if I am missing content in my feed because some people post more than others.

If someone bulk uploads a bazzilion models would it be possible to display, say, max 5 o their posts and then something like "User123 uploaded these and 30 other models" instead of showing a mega list of all their uploads?

I mean I love what posts but I'd like to avoid this kind of thing

Another idea I had was what if I can favourite users so I always see their posts?

Or a few tabs to filter the feed for models / follows / comments?

(Nomadking) #2

Great suggestions @nebulousflynn, especially the condensing of upload posts. If someone I follow has just posted 30 new models I'll end up looking at them anyway once I follow the first one linked, but it would be nice if it didn't drown out some of the less frequent posters whose work I equally want to see :slight_smile:

(Bart) #3

Indeed, great idea. Are there other types of interaction that you'd like to see there, or that you would like to be able to filter on?

Also, you have a large following here on Sketchfab. Do you ever feel the need to 'talk' to them - post something on their timeline which is not a model or a comment?

(Nebulousflynn) #4

you mean like "hey, i see you like scans of bugs - here's another one!"? ... not really i guess, there's comments and the "Contact" button for that which is enough for me

Model share count would be cool - but i guess that goes into analytics territory rather than "news".

maybe if i can "repost" a model to newsfeeds of ppl that follow me that'd be nice - i.e. then people who follow me but not UserX might discover something new, help other users gain followers. Twitter and Tumblr have been doing that for years :wink: