Thumbnail 180* rotated problem

Hi there,
since i use sketchfab i have permanent problem with thumbnails. When i click “save view” i receive miniature of saved thumbnail that is always rotated by 180 degree. If i save changes in that way, thumbnail on website will be rotated. Fix for that was save view, slighly move model and save changes, but this time i can fix that one. Any suggestions ?

Wow that’s super weird.

What browser are you using? Can you reproduce this issue in other browsers?

i never thought to try it with another browser (fixed instantly), but to help with bug hunting - problem is when use Firefox. Would you like to see useragent for all data ?

Cool, thanks for checking.

Yeah, user agent and any other details would be great.


  • ublocker
  • Decentraleyes
  • CanvasBlocker
  • uMatrix (unlocked for sketchfab except google analitic )
  • Blur

I had some problem with Sketchfab tags on Firefox. Fixed it all by removing/cleaning all the cookies. Maybe give it a go?

any change if you disable some of them?

Checked all plugins and problem was caused by “CanvasBlocker”

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I had suspicions about that one as soon as I saw “canvas”. I recommend adding to the addon’s whitelist because we depend highly on the APIs that it is affecting, like canvas and WebGL.

Thanks for the tip though! I’m always looking for new privacy tools. For anyone interested, this chrome/chromium extensions seems to work similarly:

Can you tell me more about the other addons you mentioned?

First of all addon that you linked wasn’t updated by months - its important to use software/addons that are live and fixed as soon as possible (my canvasblocker was updated 11 days ago for example ).
uMatrix is pain in A but allows you to decide what element of website will be loaded or from what provider -embed youtube somewhere etc.
Generally nothing super special except anty leaking things, i think the best way will be simple link to addons pages for infos :slight_smile:

BLUR (disposal email adresses with message redirection to my own email - grat anty spam )

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