Thumbnail error

(Pbourke) #1

See attached, occurred a few times tonight when creating thumbnail.


Wow that’s weird. Do you see the same thing in different browsers? Is it any model?

(Pbourke) #3

I did a bit of playing around, I can say

  • It is not browser dependent … at least no correlation between Chrome or Safari.
  • It is not repeatable, happens rarely (at the moment) although yesterday it happened 3-4 times.
  • It does not seem to be model or model attribute specific, at least the ones I tried.
    I think I reported this 6 months or a year ago.
    See attached for a different “effect” from yesterday.


Can you post a screenshot of this report?

(Pbourke) #5

Here they are, not perfect formatting but hopefully OK.

“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, git, mov, mp4, png, gif, zip).” Why not pdf?


@stephomi @tuan_kuranes anything suspicious here?

(Stephomi) #7

I suspect an issue with the gpu driver, so far we couldn’t reproduce on any device (and it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue since I can’t recall any thumbnails with the same problems).

If the issue happens again, you can open the console to see if any warning/errors logs appeared.