Thumbnail not aligned when saved in 3d settings


(Termagroup) #1

I think there's a bug. When I save the view in 3d settings it looks good in preview:

but the actual thumbnail looks like this:

However when I save the view in model's page:

thumbnail looks good:

I have a 16:10 monitor and I think the application takes proportions of the window into account when taking screenshots. The same problem occurs when I enter full screen mode in model's page and save view.

(Panimala) #2

I can report the same issue. I have to make my thumbnails in the model viewer window. I am using a 21:9 display and my browser window is half screen.


Thanks for the report, we will investigate.


Just to let you know, the problem with misaligned thumbnails still exist.

(Panimala) #6

Me too. It's likely caused by the web browsers resolution. I run my browser window at half my screen size and I have a 21:9 monitor.


This seems to be ok now. Can anyone still reproduce the issue?