Thumbnail pictures and name text doesn't update after changes (fixed!)

(Chamferzone) #1

Hey guys,

sorry if that has been asked before. I couldn't find a similar thing.
So my problem is that when I post a direct link to facebook it gives me the name and thumnail from the first time I hit the save button on my scene. However I changed it quite dramatically ever since then and it just doesn't update it at all.

I tried all sorts of things but can't get to the bottom of it.

This is what it looks if I post on facebook:

And here is what it should look like and what it also looks like on sketchfab:

Any ideas maybe?
Thanks, Tim

(Moroplogo) #2

Did you read this topic of @bartv : ?

(Chamferzone) #3

Awesome! That fixed it :smiley:

Thank you very much for your help! No I didn't see that before.. added to the bookmarks now :smile:

Have a good day!