Thumbnail updates not being applied - thumbnail reverts to default

(1008008) #1

When I update my thumbnail settings with the “save view” button, when I press “save settings” the thumbnail appears to update when I return to the summary page. But then a few clicks later my thumbnail reverts to the default thumbnail - standard camera view and start frame of the animation.
Has anyone had any luck getting the “save view” button to work?


If I recall correctly, we don’t take animation frame into account when saving the thumbnail. @paul_sketch ?

(Paul Sketch) #3

Yes, Some gotchas can be misleading:

  • If you “save view” it should save like what you have on screen, but the change can take some time to be visible consistently on the website (as the website caches aggressively to be able to serves millions pages views)
  • When Sketchfab generates the thumbnail (on a new “save settings” without an accordingly “save view”), animation is not played, and thumbnail overriden with defaut pose

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I found that usong C4D export was more repeatable and reliable than uploading an FBX
when it comes to getting a working thumbnail.
It would be easier if both methods were reliable for me.

This is of course only my experience - it may be fine for everyone else.

Thanks for your feedback.