Thunder Woman medium poly character

Hi people,
I would like to show you my last piece of creativity the medium-lowpoly Thunder woman superheroine and some examples of the breakthrough. At the end of the topic, you will find the sketchfab model. I hope you like and find the topic interesting. Do not hesitate to comment.

Recently I have made another character retro cartoonish (you can find she here Sparkgirl Supergirl), but I decided to focus on a more realistic approach. Taking some parts of the old model, I started modeling the character and deciding the final appearance.

Ones I was happy with the general idea, I continue with the first details and complements of the character.

Then, I continued with details like wrinkles and parts of the garment to give a realistic look.

And now was the beautiful face. In order to make the character faster, I decided no include any kind of hair, therefore I did a little trick modeling the eyebrows and tabs. Besides, I had to add teeth and a tongue.

Once the character was finished is time for the final posture. I was looking something dynamic and similar to greek statues. It was helpful to use cascadeur program to manipulate a female character and copy the final pose.

And that is the final character before painting and with a stiliced thunder.

Now was the first steps for painting stage. It has changed a little compared with the final version.

And finally…

Thunder woman see here ->> Thunder woman

Well, I hope you find interesting and helpful this thread. See you in the starssss. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: