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Tile textures on solidworks model

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Hi We’ve been trying to tile textures on a model imported from solidworks by your exporter plug in.

however the textures don’t really show up, normally just changing the overall colour, we’ve tried different resolutions etc

The glass here actually has a texture but none show up (we’ve tried turning the opacity off too)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated



SolidWorks doesn’t export UVs, so your textures will probably have to be re-mapped in other software :confused:

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Oh no, is there anyway this can be done in the future or is it technically impossible? We’re planning to upload a lot of models and would like to avoid an extra step in the process.

Thanks for your quick response


It’s not really something we can do on our end. I’m not familiar enough with SolidWorks to say for sure what could be done differently there…