Tiled model direct upload not showing texture

(Tennessee) #1

Can’t get texture to show. Texture looks fine in photoscan.

(Shaderbytes) #2

it is probably generating the UV coords in an internal procedural manner and when exporting no uv information is exported.


@tennessee can you share the link?

(Tennessee) #4

Here’s the link https://skfb.ly/6AtPF

Trying to figure out why the “UV” wasn’t in the upload.
I’m rebuilding the model from scratch and try to re-load.
I notice a huge difference in quality between my “textured” model vs the “tiled” one. The tiled model look’s really good!


Are you sure that’s the correct link? I checked the original file and it’s just a point cloud in PLY format. There are no meshes or textures.

(Tennessee) #6

I went ahead and trashed it! Rebuilt another model that uploaded fine. Tks.