Tilt Shift Option? Please?


(Blackhart) #1

Loving the depth of field effect, I'm starting to add it to most of my projects now... but for some of my isometric dioramas I was thinking... it would actually be nicer to have a tilt-shift effect rather than a true depth-of-field effect. If it's possible to implement blur into the viewer for depth of field and still run realtime in a browser, it should be possible to add a more simple tilt-shift blur effect for stylised renders. Personally I really love the tilt-shift effect, and for a lot of stylised models it could really change how people view them. Would love to see that option implemented as well, if possible.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Stephomi) #2

Indeed I thought about it too, the current issue is that we decrease/disable the dof when we are far away from the model (to avoid the model to be oddly blurred).

With isometric/low fov models, most of the time, the whole model fit on the canvas (and thus we are far away so the dof is greatly reduced).

Low fov and dof might require a special care, it's not really planned on our roadmap but we'll try to think about it :slight_smile:.