Timelapse Series - Daft Punk Modeling


(Redy) #1

Hello everyone, I’m starting a new timelapse series with commentary over my channel! Its similar to the one I did for 80.lv , but now I added my voice! In this ep I talk about polygonal modeling to recreate a Daft Punk Art. Hope you guys enjoy!

(Stobak) #2

I really enjoyed watching your process. Especially, observing how you dealt with the more challenging aspects of the model. Thanks for sharing!

(Redy) #3

Thanks @stobak!
I’ll be uploading the next episode on Tuesday, stay tuned! :slight_smile:

(Redy) #4

Here are 2 new vids!

(Redy) #5

Here’s 2 more videos!

(Redy) #6

Last video!

Here’s the entire playlist link: