Tipping feature?

Not sure if this has been suggested before, it probably has…

So the Sketchfab shop is a cool feature but lets face it most people don’t want to pay for models, they ask for them for free…
Could sketchfab add an option for people to ‘tip’ the creator for a model that they view?
I know my models have been used by vets, lecturers, students and illustrators (who printscreen and trace over in photoshop)
even if one of these guys tipped me it would be nice :slight_smile:

not sure if that is ever a plan but in the meantime you could add something like @warkarma did

although not sure if anyone even buys him a coffee if they download it :wink:

Hah, no one ever bought me a “coffee” since I started giving stuff away for free. People just download models and forget about it. Sometimes they mention me in the work they do. But I rarely see anything.

Also some people are just reselling my models on other platforms :astonished:
They are free for Gods sake! Don’t resell them, this is just nasty :triumph:

:frowning: okay, guess then a tipping built in won’t do to much.
Had similar experiences with my free models where i didn’t get a like. Still get a ton of those “download?” though.

But good to have confirmation on what i sadly expected. I like the idea, but i don’t really think it would have any impact sadly.

yeah all i get is people asking for my models for free
one guy even ripped a model and was selling it

could you suggest a few of the other platforms where people are selling your models? I’d like to check them to see if anyone is selling my models there also
Thanks for any suggestions you might have

Few of my models have been on CGTrader, but I am not the one you should ask about this. @kryik1023 knows more about this

I’d love a feature like this, to be honest

if I could get a little kickback for this, it’d be nice, I spend many hours chasing down people trying to sell, or otherwise pass off my free models as their own


Thank you so much for sending along the information. I found at least 6 of my models for sale on CGTrader in about 10 minutes of looking. I’ll contact @kryik1023
for some other suggestions.