Tips on Integrating Lights, Moving Objects, and Video in 3D Model for Sketchfab?


I have come to love the Sketchfab world as I can more easily share 3D models with clients. I make interactive art installations, projection mapping displays, and the occasional stage lighting design.

With that I have some questions on how to best integrate a few core features when uploading to Sketchfab.

I mainly work in Fusion 360 but am happy to pick up another tool like Blender or Cinema 4D.

For each of the following points I am curious if there is a best file type, or a best program that can add this feature.

  1. Glowing lights. Is there anything I need to know about how to make something an emitter? Is this best done in the 3D program or after importing to Sketchfab?

  2. Moving objects. Say there is now a moving beam of light. I can easily animate in Blender, et al, but do I need to watch out for anything special with the file type?

  3. Images. I have seen that most times I just need to upload as an .obj with the .jpg textures in the same zip file and it works fine. Any other tips?

  4. Video. Haven’t figured this one out yet. Say I want to have a large video display or projected image like a home theater type setup and I want to the video to loop. Maybe it’s just a gif. Any tips on what program to build this in an dhow to export so it shows up in Sketchfab?

Thank you so much I hope these questions are clear and the answers can help others too!

Hi there!

  1. Anything you wish to use an emissive material should have its own separate material

  2. You can read up on tips for Blender animations for Sketchfab in this Help Center Article

  3. What you say should generally work. Tips and info on textures can be found here. General tips re. optimizing a model for improved viewer performance can be found here.

  4. Support for video textures is purely experimental at the moment and limited to the source code you can find in this example

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your reply!

With 4) I see that link but am not able to access any of the code. All fo the UI button on the bottom left and right do not work. Is there a reason I am not able to exit and see about the model?

Thank you!

code/assets for that experiment can be found on github: