"Titanic" from #moviecontest-wip to Final version

(Reinbijlsma) #1

I'm a Tilt Brush user since I bought my HTC Vive this spring, and -being a part time painter/artist as well, I threw away my pencils and oilpaint and haven't used them since I started creating my art in Tilt Brush, which offers a lot more possibilities though challenges as well. One of the challenges is how to export your work from Tilt Brush to Sketchfab without loosing too many effects you create within Tilt Brush. It's a process of trial and error.
Being a fan of the Titanic movie, being a fan of gloomy, dark atmospheres, I decided to recreate the wreck at the bottom of the ocean in Tilt Brush again, with some own artistic touches and changes :wink:

I tried importing several versions from TB into Sketchfab to see which brushes I could use and which brushes I couldn't. TB has many animated effects ( which should be used only sparsely in my humble opinion ), and the Lights, Camera, Immersion contest offered a nice test to see how I could reach maximum effect in Sketchfab.
At the bottom of the ocean, there is no light, therefore no colour and the only immersion is absolute darkness.
As I'm not a professional photographer,or Photoshop-artist recreating objects in Sketchfab is a bit of trial and error cause I'm not always familiar with the terms used and the results they will produce. I started importing my test model and choose the Matcap rendering but wasn't satisfied yet.

My TB model was quite dark of course, made with only a few colours, and materials. Choosing 'Paper' from the Materials-tab ( one of the brushes in TB ) did not produce what I wanted.

In most models I import into Sketchfab I use a lot of bloom ( really like it ) and vignette effect. They add more reality. I never used the grain effect before, but now I decided to use the animated grain effect because it gives you the feeling of floating around between those small particles of dust and plankton hovering over the bottom of the ocean.
I tried several materials but none got near the final effect I wanted to create: too colourful, too dark, etc.l

Finally I went back to one of the first settings I created in Sketchfab, and that's what I do like so much about Sketchfab: you have endless possibilities to experiment with many settings giving so many different results.
In the final version I used the Matcap rendering again, changed some colours in the colour balance tab until I was satisfied with the final relut below:

As you can see there 's a lot of resemblance, though I couldn't recreate the purple cloud which I used to create a light beam from the submarines search lights in TB.

The YouTube version, which gives an impression of the TB creation, can be seen here at my TiltBrush-channel: https://youtu.be/WT_DFZGxhq8?list=PLecShmKxmmRvbc-ch-RGYe1jbouL-Rn62

And the final Sketchfab-version: https://skfb.ly/TPSr

(Alex) #2

That's some mind blowing amount of detail. Seems like the perfect scene to go with the tilt brush aesthetic! Can't wait to see it in 3d some day.


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This looks beautiful already! Got a lot of great details in there.

OT: Did you really throw away all your pencils and oil paints? :astonished:

(Marchermitte) #4

Yeap, that's a pretty dense mesh... what kind of 3d export do you have from tilt brush?