Titanic's Grand Staircase Clock as a subject?


(Jerryfisher) #1

Hello everyone,

I was surprised to learn recently that the clock from the Grand Staircase from the Olympic, the nearly identical sister of the Titanic, is on display at the SeaCity Museum in Southampton.

While it has been painted white, it otherwise looks much as the Titanic's clock would have before the sinking.

Has anyone thought of modeling that intriguing item? A quick Google image search revealed that it is a much deeper bas-relief sculpture. Usually it looks more flat in photos in books about the Titanic. Even the replica in James Cameron's epic looks rather flat and uninspired to me now.

It would be a bit of a challenge but it would be a great subject for people with a passion for the Titanic.

Please see the photos at this page here: Olympic Grand Staircase Clock

(Nebulousflynn) #2

that would definitely make for a great scan @jerryfisher!

I wonder if the clock is still on display or in a similar 'scanable' place - the page with phtos is from 2011 and mentions a the museum relocating?

Next time I'm in Southhampton I'll try and make it to the SeaCity....

(Abby Crawford) #3

This should be added to the model wish list! :slight_smile: