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(Abakker) #1

Hi, love your product! Is there a way to toggle the annotations on / off for the viewer? It would be great if a viewer could still cycle through the annotations without the annotation number, title and description. The title, number and description can interfere with the view. An example of that is in this model: Fence around nothing - 3D model by abakker (@abakker) - Sketchfab

I look forward to your feedback,


(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hi @abakker,

Try this link:

Notice the extra parameters in the URL: ?annotations_visible=0&annotation_cycle=5

You can change the final number to specify how long the viewer pauses on each annotation.

Learn more about Sketchfab URL parameters in this Help Center article:

(Abakker) #3

Awesome! Sorry for not finding that on my own. Thank you for the quick reply.

(Tiagojdferreira) #5

Hi @abakker !

If you are just browsing the model, you can also click on the annotations menu and set them to hidden.

(Abakker) #6

Found it thanks.