Too many 4K textures crashes Chrome

(Ironbelly) #1

On our Combine Lexion 480 mesh, when I go to select a texture for the Metalness map of Cutter-A, the page will crash 100% of the time after 90% of the texture previews are loaded.

You can see the video here:

This happens when I use the dropdown as well as when I use the 'manage textures'. Reproducible 100% of the time



There's a bug which is causing the full resolution textures to be loaded in the drop-down instead of the thumbnails. We'll have a fix ASAP.

(Paul Sketch) #3

On a more general note in huge texture size, and the fact it can provoke crash, we have no control on Chrome crashes itself, it's more of a browser issue.

On sketchfab side, We cannot get the VRAM from the video card as browser vendors considers that a security breach (buffer overflow and user tracing using hardware info as fingerprints)

That's why we encourage "reasonable" usage of textures, which is what can fits on most hardware.

The math for the "reasonable" usage is: texture of 4096x4096 is around 100 Meg of Video RAM. (jpeg or png is not a supported format in the Video Card hardware aka GPU, so it's uncompressed 4096x4096, with 4 channel, * 1.33 for mipmaps (better texture filtering on distance).

So 20 4k textures is at least 2 gb which exceeds most user video cards.

That why Artists uses all possible tricks to lower texture needs:
- transforming wide range of uniform color or normal no texture (vertex color instead) or very small ones
- Text texture are the one needing the more quality and and could be separate textures
- trade texture space against vertex complexity (use vertex deformation instead of normal maps for relatively big details, vertex color instead of texture color, etc)
- ask on forum for other tricks

Imho, it's the best and most likely to work solution.

If you absolutely need this level of texture, you can try with appropriate hardware and hope for the best...
So a video Card with Huge VRAM (4go would be a min) with the hope that chrome or any browser doesn't limit RAM/VRAM artificially, would be a way to check if it's possible to render that many textures, but we cannot make no guarantee there.

Please note that huge texture size not only makes crashes, it also makes for very slow rendering on GPU, so you might get a very very slow model rendering anyway.

(Ironbelly) #4

I'm currently running a GTX 970 with 4GB of Vram and it doesn't crash when loading the model, only when I'm editing and selecting textures from the drop down and only when all of the previews of them have loaded. Snapshotting and creating tiny cached versions of the textures to fit in those little preview boxes would seem like a solution on your guys' end of things instead of loading the actual huge texture in those tiny little boxes.
Good suggestions overall from you though, thanks for that


Snapshotting and creating tiny cached versions of the textures to fit in those little preview boxes

We do this, but there's a bug where the 32x32 thumbnail versions are deleted. Will be fixed soon.

(Ironbelly) #6

will be interesting to see if that solves the crash issue


The thumbnail issue that was causing problems in the editor should now be fixed.

(Ironbelly) #8

Still crashing the browser, same problem present

(Mrchlblng) #9

@ironbelly the bug creating the problem has been fixed so it will not happen on new models. We still need to regenerate the thumbnails for your model and this should be done quickly (hopefully this week)


You could also re-upload the model if you don't want to wait?