Too many emails , change to daily summary?

Hey guys

I love Sketchfab but the amount of emails notifications I get is huge (156 in 2 weeks)
So I am not constantly checking my email notification to find a Sketchfab notification I have just put a filter on Sketchfab emails so now they end up getting lost

I think what would be better would be a daily summary saying amount of comments, likes, models added to collections, replies etc… so you dont end up either ignoring comments or having multiple emails a day

I also think email notifications for other people making unrelated comments to someone elses model after you have commented on it is unnecessary and you should only be informed if that person has replied/tagged you

Thanks! :grin:

I know your pain :slight_smile:
You can turn off some notifications such as likes and other people comments for someone elses model.
I did it some time ago and now I get email if someone directly @ me or comments on the model I made.

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Ahh that is useful to know thank you!


Hey Rosie,

We’re aware of the issue; ‘digest’ options are on our roadmap, but not for the immediate near future, sorry!