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Too many faces and vertices


(Jon Russell) #1

I have a model that is 1.3m faces and 144k vertices. Is there some way to reduce this within sketchfab? The model is highly detailed and I don't want to lose some of the detail, but the viewer is incredibly slow at the moment.

(Dark Minaz) #2

only way is to make a retopo, and bake it down on a normal map.

Best tools for that would be 3d-coat, zbrush or doing it 100% by hand via one of the base 3d tools (maya,blender,3dmax etc)

sketchfab sadly can't do that for you

(Paul Sketch) #3

1.3m faces & 144k vertices are not that much to be "incredibly slow"

Performance problem might be more coming from huge number of Geometry or/and Materials.

Keeping it as low as possible is the best perf gains you can get.

Ideally should have same number of geometry as the number of materials.

IF your number of geometry/material in under control (<50 ideally <20) then reducing vertex make sense. otherwise it will have not impact

(Dark Minaz) #4

if you provide a link to that specific model we can give some pointers in where it might be to high, or what you might need to optimize.

(Jon Russell) #5

Thanks for all the responses. I am still working on the model, but the link above should work.

(Dark Minaz) #6

alright, found the big issue.
The "geometries" try to combine a few of them.

for example my last scene

had 17 geometries in the end. what makes it a lot simpler for sketchfab to handle.

edit. As a 2nd thing, you could bake the side pannels without loosing details. so from around 2k each to maybe 30 poly. same with quite a few other parts. slight optimization is sometimes quite useful.

(Jon Russell) #7

Thanks for all the help. Got it sorted, speed is much better now and viewing is a lot easier.


Glad to hear it. For the sake of anyone else who reads this thread, some performance tips can be found here: