Top view? ( Almost, but no cigar:( )

(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

Hi Sketchfabbers,

Can the Sketchfab camera show a top view, i.e. looking directly down the vertical axis? I'm doing some math visualizations and desire a proper top view. I can get close, but not exactly there. Perhaps there is an Euler/gimbal lock issue, or something else. I am aware that 3D rotations are "problematic". That said, top views are possible.



(Stephomi) #2

It's not a technical issue but a design decision concerning camera navigation.

We are aware that camera limit (or in your case, less limits) is an often required feature.

Until we improve these stuffs, a little trick consists in tilting your model a little bit with the orientation widget.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #3

Thx stephomi. Yes, design decisions must be made. And, unavoidably, some decisions do not fit the end-user's desires/needs. That said, this user respectfully requests a "top view" capability. In fact, UI controls (and hotkeys) for standard ortho views would be nice:)

FYI, I played with the "little trick". One drawback, though: if widget is set for ortho top view, then the bottom view is compromised:( Can you share the thinking behind the decision to limit the navigation viewpoint? TIA.

(Cedric) #4

The limitation is more to avoid issues with gimbal lock and users to be upside down. Still It could make sense to have shortcut or extra control for users who are confortable with those viewpoint. @james do you have some examples that would workaround with the viewer api ?
Maybe it could be added as a feature request too

(Swami Mathtraveler) #5

Thx Cedric.

I encountered gimbal lock/rotation flip issues WAY BACK when I started in 3D (~25 years ago) - though not before the Apollo mission:D Anyhow, simple presets for ortho views would do nicely; and the general user would never have to encounter the "problem". Just a thought.

OK, thx for considering this.



@cedric I was wrong. See:

api.lookat( [ 0, 0, 7 ], [ 0, 0, 0 ] ), doesn't really place the eye there.