Aerial Mapping in Greece

(Sofia Pap) #1

Our services
Professional aerial photography and mapping has been our main area of activity for the last 5 years. Each year we experiment with new technologies and evolve in every way in order to produce the best possible result and meet our clients growing demands.

  • References/former clients: Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs
  • Website:
  • How to, +30 2109818199, 9827737

Service description

  • Specialisation: Archaeological sites, buildings, large landscape areas
  • Equipment/software: dji s1000, dji s800, dji inspire, sony a7r, sony nex 5n, Agisoft Photoscan
  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Ability to travel: All around the country and abroad for exceptional projects :wink:
  • Guaranteed accuracy:Max 1cm
  • Max / min scannable sizes: 100 m2-

  • Textures: Yes

  • Deliverable file formats:GEOTIFF, JPEG, OBJ, KMZ, 3 DPF, LAS for the point cloud
  • Costs: Varies according to services (500e-...e)

Service-specific information
- Aerial vector: multicopters
- Georeferenced: yes
- Viewing software provided: Sketchfab - 3D PDF,
- Measurement tool: position, distance, height, surface, volume

Examples of projects

Archaeological site mapped in great detail

Byzantine Church in ruins (by by on Sketchfab

Model of a building (terrestrial and aerial photos combined)

Neoclassical building by by on Sketchfab

Large landscape

Drone Mapping at Kea, Greece by on Sketchfab