Tower Of Oblivion

(No Ideaz) #1

An ancient tower created to contain a powerful forgotten race with a powerful magic seal.
Shelved in the confines of an unknown land of Azeroth.

Unfortunately the seal broken and will soon release the most powerful demonic forms that the world knows the name of .... LEGION.

N.B: "Pardon my English is a little bad ....: p.

(No Ideaz) #2

Here is the sketch that I will do my Diorama.
A stone tower with dark marble in a devastated area and lifeless.
At its peak the seal holding the portal to evil forces.

wowlegion-wip #wow

"Go to sculpting":wink:

(Michael Calvert) #3

Great start! Looking forward to see you model this out.


Looks really solid. Interested in seeing where this plays out!

(No Ideaz) #5

Wip_1/Tower with Zbrush

Your opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

(No Ideaz) #6

Plaises delighted that you, hope to that later too :slight_smile:

(No Ideaz) #7

Thx ! :slight_smile:

(No Ideaz) #8

Advanced on sculpting //Work in progress 2\

Opinions ? :slight_smile:

(Jeffbori) #9

it remind me lord of the ring tower, but still a realy nice concept :wink:

(No Ideaz) #10

I did not see it that way but actually very good reference for inspiration. I will think . Thx for your com ' :slight_smile:

(No Ideaz) #11

Wip 3 // Sculpting progress //

(Bart) #12

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