Trademark infringement notice from Glock

Hello, I have small problem, I got email that my model: usw-g17-conversion-kit was disabled due to “Trademark infringement notice from Glock”

Problem is that model it self doesnt contain any trademark of Glock, no logos, no names on model as its not even Glock product, even example placeholder gun have slightly modified parts to not be exact copy of glock.

How its possible that they can throw infringement notice and force my model to be disabled without even checking model that is not even their product but addon to a pistol?

Ok now you disabled another two of my models that DOESNT contain any Glock product…

Can someone explain that to me, why Glock can just say to disable models that doesnt have any of their trademarks on model?

Hey Akinaro! Could you please just reply to those takedown messages so we can discuss this over email?

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I replied to it 2 days ago but still didnt get any help or explanation on this situation…

We’re sorry about the delay in responding; we should get to it today or tomorrow.