Traditional sculptor going digital

(Nerezaworks) #1

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I primary work traditionally in sculptures but I want to broaden my horizon. You can see some of my work here

I was wondering if I could have some recommendations for digital sculpting programs? I started learning a bit with sculptris. but eventually I like to buy a good program for my self.

I wanted to hear from other artist who already made the jump to digital.

(Skyeshark) #2

The absolute best thing to for a traditional sculptor to try out / start with is Oculus Medium in VR, in my opinion! Other than that, the industry standards are mudbox and Zbrush, broth of which should be tackled using a drawing pad for the best results!

(Nerezaworks) #3

Thank you for the advice!
I do have a drawing tablet, I done my fair share of digital paintings and drawings but I haven't made the jump for my 3d work to digital and I figured it a good skill to learn.
I was curious about the VR it looks intuitive the only issue would be space at the moment, but it something I love to try.

(Draconius) #4

Sculptris is a really good starting point. I know a lot of people quickly learn what they need to from this, and are eager to graduate to ZBrush, but are quickly put off by the price.

Many of the people I know who fall into this category end up getting 3D Coat, which is a very capable 3D sculpting program as well, and is MUCH cheaper. It has many of the same forming and PBR rendering tools as well. Their website also has no shortage of tutorials to get you started when you're ready. Good luck!

(Moadstudio) #5

Hello, Blender3D with Blender Sculpting is free and is better than Sculptris. More options, more control, and there is a lot of tutorial.

The best is that you can use your tradicional knowledge in sculpting.

This video is a great begin to know how to use Blender Sculpting and the basis of Blender: