Training Area for kids

(Adrian Szymoniak) #1

This is one of my first serious models :slight_smile: It is still not finished and I will add some more assets and change some such as the dummy . What could I improve and what other assets can I add ? bare in mind its a training are for KIDS :slight_smile:

(Reefnot99) #2

Looks good :slight_smile: Keep up the good work only question what is inside the barn?

(Adrian Szymoniak) #3

It's like a stand for weapons , the bows look messy on purpose as this are is meant for kids . I'll add some more weapons in there such as swords etc. thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:

(Pedro Quadros) #4

"I see Distinction in this"
-Pedro Sousa, 2017

(Adrian Szymoniak) #5

Thank you , you are so kind :smiley:

(Pedro Quadros) #6

For real tho xD :3
I like the whole concept, it was very well executed, but there are some minor improvements that could be done when it comes to the 3D model itself, things like some of the assets being out of proportion, or having the items floating over the ground should be carefully analysed before posting the final model.
But besides that I really like it, I like the colours, the visual style matches with what is asked and the little cube game for the kids is clever and fun.