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Tranparency and upload issues

(Afnopere) #1

Hello everyone, I'm very new to sketchfab and 3D so maybe I just do something wrong without knowing it but still I need some guidance.

I wanted to upload a plane model the first version was .fbx and was supposed to have transparent windows. Every time I try to upload it I get an unknown error (I checked the size of the file, it's only 373 ko and it's a low poly model).

I tried with an .obj, it works after an undecent amount of time of upload (but that might be a slow connection from my place so I won't argue too much about that) however even if I set a tranparent map to set the transparency of the windows, it doesn't work properly

I've already tried to change the value slider but it makes the whole object tranparent, and I've also tried to invert, to use the other mode and to invert by hand the white and black but nothing seems to have an effect.

If you need further explanations to better understand the problem just ask (I'm not very good when it comes to explain things)

(Draconius) #2

I've had this issue before. I never did find a solution, but workedaround by using sketchfab's exporter to upload directly from Substance Painter. If a sketchfab exporter is available for your native texturing program, I'd look into exporting from there.

(Shaderbytes) #3

check the texture import format in sketchfab. Since you mention you are using a grayscale image for transparency and not actual transparent pixels then you need to check and make sure the import format in sketch editor is set to luminance and not transparency.

(Afnopere) #4

Indeed it was not on luminance, I set it to luminance and I have transparency

(it's not very neat because the map was a test to see if it was working, I did it very fast) How do I do to make the windows look more like windows ? Here it's totaly transparent and the slider doesn't do good looking work, but I guess by changing the map it should be possible to do somethin better, additive mode did something interesting too but I think my main probleme here is that I'm not very aware of how the map works.

sincerly sorry about the newbie question

(Mrchlblng) #5

@afnopere just to let you know that the failing FBXs are a bug on our side that will be fixed soon.

(Afnopere) #6

@mrchlblng thanks for telling me !

(Shaderbytes) #7

no worries, there are several workflows for doing windows , it all depends on the art style and variety required in various channels on the material. Ideally to make it look good you need a diffuse , gloss/roughnessmap , and transparency map.

The diffuse and transparency can be done using a single png file. When you assign the texture to the diffuse slot it will read the rgb values for the glass and grit and dust etc.. If you assign the same texture to the transparency channel it will use only the alpha channel to then set the transparency. etc..

The gloss/roughness map would be a greyscale image. with roughness black is sharp reflection , white is blurred/diffused reflection. If you use the gloss option it just inverts the influence of white and black pixel to the opposite.