Transfer models to other accounts

(Richard Morellos) #1


I wonder how do I transfer my models to another account. I imported the maps directly by the Sketchfab's Renderer and now, when I download the model, I get only the .OBJ.




The Download will only include what you originally uploaded - so nothing you added manually in the Editor.

Can you tell me which model(s) you need moved, and what accounts?

(Richard Morellos) #3

@james, I eventualment wish transfer all my models to another account that will create. This "other account" does not exist yet because I have not decided the name of my future studio.


I see,

Well, I'm happy to transfer your models or change your username for you, when you do decide.

Let me know!

(Richard Morellos) #5

Thank you so much @james!

(Renderinghouse) #6


Are you able to transfer individual models from one Sketchfab account to another? And would it keep the settings from my current account after the transfer, or would I have to change it manually afterwards? I am trying to avoid re uploading each one if there is a more efficient way.


@renderinghouse Can you please send me a private message here on the forum with the details and I’ll take a look for you? Thanks :slight_smile:

(Jaguillette) #8

Hi @james, I have some models that I’d like to move from my account to another account with their current settings intact, but I haven’t figured out how to compose a private message to you directly? Maybe it’s because I just signed up to the forums. Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: Got it! Just needed to get that “Basic” trust level.


Hmm, links from the domain should work even at the “New user” trust level, @bartv ?

(Bart) #10

Links should be fine, but private messages are restricted to Tl1/Basic, yes.


Ah oops, I misread

(carodani) #12

Hi, I have just made a model which I like to transfer to a company account, how can we do that?


Can you give me the model URL and the account to transfer it to?

(carodani) #14

Thanks James for your reply, Dan from support team already did that, still I have a problem, the model after transferring doesn’t show in Sketchfab app profile, I see there’s 1 model, but no thumbnail to click on!


I see 3 models, how many should there be?

(Rmad2018) #16

I have the same problem.

How can I transfer one of my models to another account?


(The Beta Boss) #17

@james Hey!

Seems like you have been great helping these folks out. Is there anyways you might be able to do the same for me? I know this doesn’t add anything to this thread and the question has already been answered but I can’t switch over the models without your help.

Let me know and I can send you links to the models and what profile to send them too.


(Bart) #18

Our New York team is celebrating Thanksgiving today. Feel free to send me a private message with the model URL and the target account and I’ll be happy to arrange the transfer for you.

(The Beta Boss) #19

Awesome thank you! I just sent another request to the help center because i
missed this email. I dont know if you have a way to let them know you will
be helping me.


  • Jimmy

(Iqcenter) #20

This looks like the place to request a file transfer. I sent @bartv a message, but I’m not sure I did it correctly. Anyway, We would like all the files in this collection:

moved to this account:

Please let me know if you need additional information. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.