Transfer models

(Pbourke) #1

Is it possible to transfer a model to a new user?


There's no user facing feature, but I can do it for you. Just let me know the model URLs and the username to move them to.

(Digitalzide) #3

Hi James, I’ve the same request… transfer a draft model to another account… could you please help me?



Could you please send me a DM or email with the details?

(Digitalzide) #5

Thank you very much James, I’ve already solved my problem re-uploading the model… i will keep your help next time :wink:

(Carlm21) #6

good one

(Ringsofwhite) #7

Hi James!
I just updated my portfolio with professional work and my company asked me if i could duplicate my models to their account, so that it would look more official when they share it on social medias.
But i don’t want the models to disappear from my account, is that feasible? when you say transferring, you’re just duplicating the models right?


We don’t officially offer this as a service, but it’s possible to transfer models (not duplicate them between two accounts).

(Ringsofwhite) #9

So they would disappear from my account then?


Yep, I’m afraid so.