Transfering 3D models to another account

(Jbd) #1


I need to transfer several models to another account. Googled this and found an older forum post where Moderator James helped someone to do it, so I messaged him but I'm getting no response (probably too busy). This issue is time sensitive. I'd have done it myself, but this seems more sane. Not looking forward to re-editing render settings on 5 models :confused:

Could someone help me out?

(Bart) #2

James is out of office for a few days. Email me at and I'll help you out.

(Jbd) #3

I see. Thanks but I had to do it manually, since it was on a deadline. Any plans to implement this functionality into Sketchfab?

(Bart) #4

No, this is not on our short-term roadmap.


Ah, sorry I saw this thread after your PM...I transferred them earlier. I can move them back if you want >_<

(Nextbase) #6

Hi James, i need to move several models from one account to another, could you help with this (preferably ASAP)?


Hi, yep, just let me know the model URLs and the username you need them moved to.

(Nextbase) #8

Hi James,
sorry the client has been giving me loads of grief about this.

Can i get all the models from username- twazzer transferred to username- Offplan3d please. I'll keep it to one account/client from now on.

Thanks- Dom



Next time, just email me ( ) with the models / username and I'll take care of it.


(Nextbase) #10

Hi James. Brilliant, thanks for that!


(Nextbase) #11

Hi James,
just emailed you. I need the models back on the twazzer account (from the Offplan3d account) ASAP. I just wanted them copied not removed. Big national campaign running and it's currently dead.

Thanks- Dom

(Aleahy) #12

Hi, is there any way to allow users to do this themselves? I work with a group of student designers and it would be great to be able to pass models around by switching the ownership within sketchfab.

Otherwise, being able to duplicate/copy a model to another user to would be useful.

Cheers, Andrew | Western Sydney University


Not yet, but it’s something we’re thinking about.