Transferring projects to clients

(Tod Adkins) #1

Is there a way as a pro or business user to transfer sketchfab scenes from one user to another?

I'm working with a client and would like to use my own account to create and test the models and animation, but would then like to hand it off to them on their own account once it's final. Is this possible pending we both have Pro or business accounts?

(Johnson Martin) #2

This isn't available as a native feature on Sketchfab. But someone from the Sketchfab Team may be able to help you do it from the backend. I'd recommend shooting an email to


Yep, please do! We may offer an end-user feature to do this in the future.

(Tod Adkins) #4

Cool thanks! When it's ready to go final I'll contact support.

(Aleahy) #5

+1 this is a feature request, at least for Pro’s. It would be awesome.