Transforming robot toy WIP


(Thechosenone) #1

Out of boredom and nothing better to do i sat last night hoping to model some kind of a robot or a vehicle.
I didnt really know what i wanted to model i just wanted to make something.
So there i was listening to music and just putting something together for a couple of hours until i finally saw the idea in sight.
Its a robot toy! :smile:

hear me out,they toy comes compact (as shown) in a cube form and on the back is where the battery goes.The robot transforms and picks up a gun and a ammo magazine and goes to battle other robot toys! :smile:

This is all fictional i do not plan to actually make it a valid toy, able to be 3D printed or something like that, just a fictional toy from a universe where you get a bunch of these robots and set them in your room (or where ever) and watch them fight it out.Reminds me of micro volts if anybody played that :stuck_out_tongue:

They would be much like medabots but much smaller and much less deadly, they will be shooting various plastic and rubber pellets and not like medabots where they shot rockets.And they would come in basic geometric shapes like the bakugan and than transform into a robot,and you could customize them to your liking like the b-damans,replace their arms,legs,guns,etc.

I got really excited after thinking about all of this and are actively working on it.This is the earliest possible images i made and couldnt wait to show my idea to people,hoping to hear your opinion on it.
Also i am planing to make a scene where they are battling in my room,so ill have to model my desk and the rest of my room in a sort of a messy way...always wanted to do that :smile:

I hope you can use your imagination and see what i saw here,i will try my best to make progress with it,blocking out the shapes,rigging,UV mapping,setting materials and so on.

Hope you like it :smiley:

P.S. sorry for the large images i always prefer to render large images since its easier for me to scale them down if needed.

(Bart) #2

Cool :wink: Do you use any tricks to ensure all the pieces 'fit'? That seems to be the hardest part to me.

(Nomadking) #3

As @bart said, designing in a way that everything will fit in both forms must be a pain! Makes me appreciate my Transformers toys in a whole new way :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thechosenone) #4

I agree it is really hard.The best part about this model is i had no idea it would be able to transform like this.I was just modeling it as i felt like it and after some time ive noticed that some parts fit with each other,so i fixed them a little bit and worked on the rest.But i didnt start making it with the idea it could trasform :smile:
Curently most of the parts fit nicely with each other (maybe even perfectly if i say so) except the lower part of the arm,i have an idea where it could fit just have to nudge a few pieces around.

Finally able to find time between college is hard :smile:
A minor update.

Mostly worked on the torso and thighs.And tweaked things a little bit so it still fits perfectly :slight_smile:

There is the battery and a little display above the battery where it would show...battery status i guess? i mean all kinds of useful info could apear there.

Also i think i might have overdone the head xD worked quite a lot on it,had a few iterations and i think this one suits best.

As you can see in the last 2 pics the front visor is transparent and goes on top of the head when the head slides in the torso during transformation.The back piece that comes out of the head is the processor,the mind.
Pretty much same like bionicles,where you had the head,the mask and the glowing piece that goes in the head.

And you can see the cable going from the head to the torso,i will also add a few cables going though the mid part of the torso (the one that connects the upper and the lower half).

Hope you like it and feel free to post your opinion,and criticism is welcome better to get feedback as early as possible so i can fix if anything is wrong.

(Thechosenone) #5

Looked around to find the perfect material and ended up making my own ones which are pretty basic but get the job done :smiley:

Every battle needs at least 2 sides! So here are the 2 color variations for both:

I am concerned about how the orange parts on each side of his head look a little bit too big,so i will work on making them better fit and also the metalic parts are a little bit to shiny and reflective so will have to tone that down a bit and i have been experimenting with a seamless bumb map.It wouldnt be all that noticable but just enough to brake the smooth surface,in the image here there is really little of it and i am still trying to get it just enough so it doesnt seam like its battle damaged.

Tell me what you think and how i could improve it :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #6

looks really cool. Id probably still print it out at some point just to have a cool little robot that you made by yourself.

Not to sure about your colors, specially the 2nd could use something other than green. Id pick a dark grey there

(Thechosenone) #7

Thanks,and maybe...maybe,all in time :stuck_out_tongue:
Just out of curiosity how much would it cost to print it? just 15 cm tall figure with the most basic of material? I newer looked much deep into 3D printing as i know that there the model has to obey real world physics :smile:

I tried to go away from grayscale colors as i thought since its a toy it should be colorful,but i can see what you mean.I tried making the jade color,something in between light blue and green as it compliments the red.And thats how i picked the colors,wanted a main blue and red (for obvious reasons) and than i started looking what color compliments the other and tweaked it a bit and this is what i got :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #8

Well my robots mostly got new paint once i got this watercolor set ..
so mostly stuff got little flames or badly drawn skulls :stuck_out_tongue:
But i do like the colors, i just feel like the green looks .. idk kinda bad in there.

Not sure how much it would be. But i just figured since you pretty much model it that it would work it would be nice to print it. Material costs are basically 0, but the printer is rather expensive, so not to sure what they really charge nowadays. Kinda depends on where you live, sadly the only 2 places near my current area are equiped with old tech and don't really know what to do.
In your country (serbia, if deviantart is correct) there are quite a few that start at 3-5 euro.

(Nomadking) #9

I think the orange shoulder parts look great... in fact the whole thing does. Well done!

Have to agree about the green in the 2nd one though - as @dark_minaz said a dark grey or even black might work really well instead :slight_smile:

(Thechosenone) #10

I looked around a bit and as i expected it would cost me around 15 € if i want to print it maybe less,which sure,i could spend that amount of money on it,but i just feel too afraid that it would fail.I never did any 3D printing and i am just scared that it would not end up good :smile: there are a lot of factors to acount for when needing to print an actual model of it,and if i had to print it,definately would print it static and not with movable joints even if it seams plausible :stuck_out_tongue: as that would require even more engineering work.

And okay,good i will see what i can do with the color,glad to finally receive some criticism :smiley:
will tweak it a little bit more,get it into a proper scene with a shield and a gun and done!

I was also thinking of making it game ready,with the whole UV mapping,texturing thing (dont know how to call it ) and possibly do it all in blender?
And also would this be a good portfolio piece? i always feel like everything i would create would be easily overshadowed by everybody else.

(Nomadking) #11

Treat everything is a portfolio piece until you make something better (or just end up with a super large portfolio) :wink: This guy would look pretty good in a nicely lit plain scene, perhaps next to the transformed version of himself. If you worry too much about being overshadowed, you'll never put anything out there - so go for it!

Also speaking of portfolios, you should look at getting set up on Artstation (I only saw your deviantart profile). Much more clean and professionally focused than deviantart these days :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #12

Oh and since you like robots AND I see some voxel work on your profile... check out the lastest Voxel Art Challenge! :wink:

(Thechosenone) #13

I was thinking of a scene on a desk with some soft light and few items you would find on your desk along with a few of them,transformed and just standing facing each other

Yep,i cant even start to count how much projects i have that are just waiting for me to "get better " so i would post them,and i do have a artstation profile,the problem is i only have a few of my works there :smile: and yes deviant art is no longer what it once was,now its just a place to go to see weird images or photos.I am planing on finishing a few good projects which are similar in idea and start posting them on artstation on a regular basis.

Since as far as ive noticed if you have too many diversity in your portfolio you dont get much followers/fans since they arent really sure what you want to do.And you need to post thing on a regular basis in order to attract attention.

I have seen it and i dont really prefer doing voxel art,it was fun back when i casualy did a couple,but i dont want to go any further than that in that direction.If it was just a robot challenge,well than it would be great :smile: