Translate function easings and duration have no effect

duration and easing parameters have no effect on the translation.
Are you aware of this issue ?

See sample here, when “Set boat position” is clicked.

OK, I have found the solution here Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab

The docs where missing this : duration and easing must be passed as an object
[direction * 1, 0, 0, 1],
duration: 15,
easing: ‘easeLinear’
function() {
console.log(‘translate callback’);

I don’t see what’s missing in the doc ? Viewer API - Functions - Sketchfab

Hi Paul,

It’s both a doc issue and a misreading from my part (I’ve looked at the provided example and did not look close enough that it didn’t match the provided signature above)

Function signature in the topic header :
Signature : translate( instanceID, translateTo, {duration: duration, easing; easing}, [callback] )

Code example below :
translate(myNode, [1, 1, 1], 1.0, 'easeOutQuad', ...
made me think that signature was translate(instanceID, translateTo, duration, easing, [callback] )

Makes sense ?

Thanks for the clarification, now I get it. Indeed the code example contradicts the header