Translucent Material


(Texugot2) #1

Hmm... I don't believe that was a good title... anyway...

The problem was quite evident (solved)
The branches are like, a texture in a 2D rectangle, in Blender the look is "perfect" (at least for me lol) but in sketfab it is translucent. I messed all over the materials for the branches but to no avail. I'm kinda of a n00b.

does anyone know exactly with property is making those branches translucent?

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi @texugot2!
Is your texture a png with transparency or alpha channel?
If so please check if you plugged it into the texture slot in the transparency tab of the Sketchfab material editor.
For proper tramsparency sorting you should also try to use the alpha masking type of transpsrency instead of the alpha blending.
Hope this helps you :smile:

(Texugot2) #3

Uhuhu "plugging it into the texture slot in the transparency tab" worked out! ~thxkisses2s2

aaand I think it was a png with alpha channel (I remember choosing something with this name to make the transparency in GIMP ~lol)

(Simon Kratz) #4

NIce glad it worked :smile:
I think you can add a little checkmark to my post to mark it as solution. In case others are looking for a similar thing they'll see that this problem has been solved here :smile: