Transparency and translucency settings not sticking after save


(Lareieli) #1

I am working on a scene that I'm not ready to publish, so I have saved the 3D settings and they appear correct in my uploaded file when I view it on my account page, but every time I go to update anything in the scene, some (just some) of the transparency and translucency settings revert back to default. For instance, my opacity mask will still be in the texture slot, but it will be marked as Blend instead of Mask, and Alpha instead of Luminance. The translucency map sometimes isn't in texture slot anymore and sometimes either of the settings needs to be turned back on.


I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you share the model link so we can take a closer look?

Have you tried clearing your browser cache/cookies or a different browser?

(Lareieli) #3

Thank you for the response! After you asked I did try clearing my cache/cookies in Chrome and transparency/translucency settings are still getting disabled after saving and exiting the 3D settings. I didn't want to publish the WIP yet, but so you can investigate it's here, and the fence and candle are the assets whose material settings are undone when I attempt to edit the 3D settings again:

To clarify, the transparency/translucency settings only revert to "off" when I try to edit the 3D settings again after I've saved them set correctly and exited, so you'll not see anything wrong with the materials as is. They display correctly after re-setting, saving and exiting. Something that seems unusual to me is the fact that the opacity mask I uploaded is not getting deleted like most unused maps do, even though transparency is being shut off between edits.


(For future reference, I'm staff so I can see Draft models)

I could not reproduce this. I just opened 3D Settings and the fence had transparency enabled and the candle had SSS enabled (not translucency specifically, which matches the published models settings on the model page).

Have you seen this happen on any other model?

We don't delete unused maps, they just won't be loaded in the viewer.

(Rémy Bouquet) #5

Hello I couldn't reproduce the issue neither. Can you tell us what browser (and version) you are using?

(Lareieli) #6

Thank you! I think I've narrowed it down to occurring when I re-upload the mesh. Not sure you can test that out. James, my apologies, I did intentionally turn off translucency last time I saved, but the SSS map was turned off this time. Nehon, I'm using Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit).

(Budmax) #7

Hello guys!
I also have some issues with transparency. In our models transparent glass is not showing correctly. It depends on how you rotate the model - when you rotate it left, the right glass pane makes itself darker. It works the same when you rotate it the other side. Could you help me with it?

(Stephomi) #8

@budmax I suggest you to switch to additive transparency to avoid order dependent issues.

Also, you can detach all your lights from the camera, that way it will make the shading more consistent.

(Budmax) #9

Thanks, that solved the issue!

(Jlottrenderinghouse) #10

Hello! I have run into an issue with flickering textures dealing with transparency settings.
The steps I took were to reupload another my model into a separate scene in sketchfab to be able to see if I could duplicate the effect I was getting in the original model.
I have switched between additive and blending modes to see what would yield the best results but both result in flickering meshes or odd shading (with and without SSAO). I even tried adding alpha maps but those would also be affected over time as I was changing settings in the model and would start flickering as I was rotating the house model. I also changed the textures several times and tried saving, exiting and cleaning the cache on my browser to make sure there were no external factors causing problems. There are no inverted normals on my model and the file size is small due compressing textures before putting them into sketchfab so I'm not quite sure what the issue is. I also have an capable graphics card so my computer is not having any problems rendering out other things. Several weeks ago a similar model I have uploaded has had the same effect with the glass textures both in the viewport and 3D settings mode despite me not changing the settings since I saved it last. Any insight on a work around for this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

(Lareieli) #11

@stephomi ETA: I figured out that you were referring to the directional and hemi light behavior, when I was trying to figure out how to lock point lights and spot lights in place so they don't rotate with the press of Alt button. I still think you should be able to lock all light types so you can't accidentally alter their position, but I'm going far off topic. Apologies.

How do you "detach all lights from the camera"? I have hunted every menu option in the 3D settings and haven't found it, and just responded on a thread where someone else requested to be able to lock the lights (because holding down Alt is second nature to users of Substance Painter and breaks the artist's intended light setup).

Issue with Model Edges
(Stephomi) #12

@jlottrenderinghouse This is mostly an issue from our side (that typically happens with sketchup models, because they contain a huge amount of different small geometries).

There's not much you can do at the moment.
Switching the materials to single sided would help remove the flickering issues, but that's bothersome since sketchup also have many materials. There'd be still another issue left (no flickering, but the geometries would displays small spaces between themselves due to our geometry compression algorithm).
To sum up, we'll try to find a way to handle the sketchup models better.

@Lareieli Editor -> light tab -> select the lights attached to the camera

Note that you can rotate the environment only with Alt+Shift.
And you can also rotate the light only with Alt+Ctrl.
But indeed, when you rotate lights, there's no distinction between point/spot and directional. It could make sense to only rotate hemi and directional.