Transparency Bugs

(Mountrise) #1

There seems to be a general problem with transparencies. I upload everything as usual, and when published models seems to be ok, but after some minutes transparencies do not behave correctly. I have seen other people having this problem too. (I cant post links apparently, but if you go to my profile and look at “Zeus Judgement” and “Hobo Mug” you’ll see what I mean)

(Shaderbytes) #2

There have been other reports , i sure this is where you have seen " other people" having the same issue, a reply was also given in those threads and would be the same here, same bug , same solution.


This should be fixed now. We will soon run a script to fix existing Alpha textures.

If you found other threads talking about the same problem, it’s best to reply there rather than start a new thread. Duplicate threads make it much harder for us to keep track of things and inform people of updates.