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Transparency issue - viewer/editor shows different transparencies

(Madalin Berechet) #1

When using the viewer the model is shown correctly

Inside the editor, the hood element - aluminium material (see image) is transparent. The contour is marked but the element is transparent. If i switch the transparency (even I don't need it) the element appears. But once saved (with transparency activated), the item disappears again.


The Sketchfab model

Exported as 2016 FBX, also as 2013 FBX from 3dsMax 2016. It's an animated model.


Hmm weird. Thanks for the report.

I turned transparency On in the editor, and left it at 0%, and it seems ok now?

(Madalin Berechet) #3

@james, yes, the element appear, but upon saving and reloading, the issue persist = the element is still invisible (transparent).
Using Sketchfab inspector we can see geometry, but transparent.

(Madalin Berechet) #4

also appears a console error message:

embed?api_version=1.0.0&api_id=1417024013314967&annotations_visible=0&camera=0&autostart=1&autospin…:1 [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-000000000E5D3500]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawElements: attempt to access out of range vertices in attribute 0
embed?api_version=1.0.0&api_id=1417024013314967&annotations_visible=0&camera=0&autostart=1&autospin…:1 WebGL: too many errors, no more errors will be reported to the console for this context.

(Stephomi) #5

It's an issue on our end, we'll fix it soon.

(Stephomi) #7

The fix should be live.