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Transparency looking odd today

(Hiryujay) #1

Today transparency is looking, well, odd, it acts transparent in relation with the background, but opaque in relation with itself, it was fine yesterday (sat.).
here one of my models, I can see the background but not the faces behind the front ones.

Mason Jar High by JayLong on Sketchfab

and here is how it looks today:

here is another from someone else, it's preview shows the faces as they should appear

French Water Glass by deadlygeek on Sketchfab

and a SS from the console:

tried on chrome and FF in Windows 8.1 and on chrome for android

Issues with transparency
(Stephomi) #2

We're aware of the issue and the fix should be live on the next release.

(Gmp1993) #3

@stephomi Will that update be in the next Week or 2. Working on Future Car Contest now and like to have some transparencies working by then. Or is there something different I need to my textures to get them to work right.

(Stephomi) #4

It should be this week, but I'll let @pap confirm that smile

(Simon Kratz) #5

Just for reference I'm posting a model which has similar transparency issues here.
Please have a look to see if the fix works properly (as soon as you get the chance to fix it) smile

Mjölnir - UCAC5 by essimoon on Sketchfab

(Pierre-Antoine) #6

Yep, it will be fixed this week.

(Stephomi) #7

The issue should be fixed now.

(Hiryujay) #8

I can confirm it does, and there was this annoying thing it did with backfaces in low poly, it doesn´t does now, so, better than ever!

(Gmp1993) #9

Thanks for the Fix. Much Better Now, still little Buggy, sometimes depending on the Angle looks like a piece of Geometry jumps in front of the Transparent Object. Rotate my Model around and watch the Canopy and youll see what I'm Talking about.

Starfighter 2.1
by gmp1993
on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #10

Fixed! Awesome job, guys! smiley